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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Will-Based Religion

There isn't a distinction between faith- and works-based religions. Right? "In both cases," this one guy challenged me, "you ultimately have to do something. So stop saying that Christianity is somehow superior to other religions because it is 'faith-based' and not 'works-based.' All religions are rooted in works."

I don't disagree, but I do believe we have to take a step back. The distinction is real because the point of contact is deeper. I suggest that all religions are "will-based." At some point in time, you must make a choice, an act of the will. You choose to accept salvation by faith, or your choose to work for it, or you choose to live your life following something else, or whatever. So, yes, all religions are will-based.

But from there, the distinctions are huge and important. If you choose to believe that only faith can save you, you have one focus. If you believe that you must measure up to a standard of behavior, you'll act a certain way. And if you decide that all this religion stuff is hogwash, well, you're on that path. And each is very different from the other. But they are all rooted in a decision you make.


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