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Saturday, January 31, 2015

God of the Gaps

The idea of a "God of the gaps" betrays a profound confusion about the nature of God. If you define God as a place-holder for stuff we can't explain, then, yes, a theistic worldview is going to be very weak. The problem is that we have failed to make it clear that God isn't about filling in for stuff we can't understand.

Put another way, "God of the gaps" is a secular argument that is not aligned with reality. Rather, we have found that reality -- including science, mathematics, history, archaeology, etc -- all offer supporting evidence for God. Our faith in Him encourages us to keep looking for answers. In other words, the Christian view of God is the opposite of the God of the gaps as it pushes us to find answers.

This came from a few comments from the God, Science & the Big Questions discussion at Biola University. More to come!


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