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Saturday, January 24, 2015

What are Miracles?

We talk about miracles differently than we think about them. We say things like, "The miracle of birth," or, "It's a miracle he survived." But when we think about miracles, they tend to be impossible, fantastical things that require divine intervention. What struck me about the miracles in the Bible is how anti-climatic they are. In fact, some scholars argue that all the plagues brought as judgments against Egypt in Exodus can be attributed to natural phenomena.

So what are miracles? Are they natural or supernatural?

Does it matter? Because -- as C.S. Lewis points out -- these miraculous things are often little more than natural things sped up. Water into wine is linked to rain falling, being sucked up with a grapevine, coming out in grape juice, and ultimately being fermented. It just happens in an instant. Same with stones into bread (rocks into soil, growing wheat, ground into flour, and baked). Even the resurrection of Jesus Christ fits, in a way, with a philosophical naturalistic worldview, which requires that life spring from non-life (or death).

There is much more to discuss when it comes to miracles, so I'm sure we'll return to this topic many times. I look forward to your insights, input, and questions.



  1. Hmmm... You have got me thinking now. Natural or Supernatural? Good question!!

    1. This is just the start of the miracle discussion, but I think it's one of the core pieces that needs to be understood: The supernatural can -- should? -- be linked to the natural. There is nothing bad about that; in fact, it's good, and still miraculous. Thanks for watching!