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Friday, January 9, 2015

Infinite Agnosticism

One of my friends is a "Mathematical Agnostic" where he doesn't say "I don't know" but rather asks, "How could I know? With the infinite number of possible beliefs and ideas out there, how could I choose the right one?"

Given that, he doesn't choose any.

As we talked, I suggested that he could easily disregard certain ideas that are just plain wrong. From there, I'm confident we could further narrow things down to a point where we have a general direction to walk. The good news? By moving forward and testing ideas against reality, we can make course corrections. And if we find we've been wrong entirely, we can turn around. On top of that, for me, I believe that there is grace for the missteps, the wrong headings, the mistakes we make; this urges me ever onward.

My friend, however, is stuck in one place. When I ask him about purpose or pursuits, he shrugs. "Right now, the best I can offer is that I want to maximize the serotonin levels in as many people as possible. Why? Because that feels right to me, so I pretend that's right and pursue that. Total agnosticism is simply not livable."


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