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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pop Tarts and Ravioli

A friend shared this image on Facebook:

Pop Tarts Are Ravioli - change my mind
Pop Tarts Are Ravioli - change my mind based on Stephen Crowder's "Change My Mind" Campus Sign

Here's what stuck out to me: Every common debate element showed up. There were personal insults, discussion of definitions, appeals to intent, pointing to personal experiences, appeals to authority, and discredits of said authorities...

...about whether Pop Tarts are Ravioli.

I realize that I'm both late to this discussion and that this is all in good fun, but if this is how we debate something as simple as the proper terms for food, I find it not surprising that we struggle to handle discussions around much more difficult subjects like how to protect students, how to care for the environment, how best to help struggling people, as well as religious debates and whatnot.

[ Aside: I'm obviously not talking about simple matters like how to pronounce .gif or the Oxford Comma, as those are givens. <grin> ]

I've got several videos I'm very excited to make, but my computer keeps dying. So we both have to wait. Sorry.

More to come when I'm finally back into production mode!


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