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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bible Secrets

I got to thinking about my "Adventure Bible" I used all through childhood, college, and early married life.

I was at Alpha last night, and as we were discussing the Bible, one of the guys in the group asked about the "secret books" that are "hidden away in a vault". I've seen enough of History Channel shows to understand where he got this idea.

But there simply isn't anything like this.

You can go read the Book of Enoch right now. And if you don't have a Catholic Bible, get a copy of the Apocrypha (I have two, but I have yet to read them <cough>). Also of note: The canonization of Scripture. And then I urge you to look into the scholarship behind all this.

What does my kids study Bible have to do with all this?

This simple children's book is loaded with reference material to ensure there are no "Bible Secrets" hidden from you or your kids. On just one page (Mark 15:31-16:8) there are five major elements:
  1. Greek/Hebrew translation
  2. Old Testament cross-reference
  3. Ancient manuscript comparison note
  4. Alternate translation note
  5. Alerts to text likely added after-the-fact

So, I encourage you to pick up your Bible are start using those footnotes. And if you have a question, I'd love to hear it!

Let's learn more, together.


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