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Monday, November 13, 2023

Thinking of Getting Logos? Save $100

If you've been interested in upgrading from the free version of Logos, please click here to save $100 off any Logos program. It is an affiliate link so I will, in theory, get $100 toward future Logos purchases*, which would be cool. I just got the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (called "DDD" by the cool kids), and it's be fun. It's far more scholarly than I tend to read, so I found myself looking up words like panegyric and numinous. I never would have guessed the words' meanings on my own.

I already own the IVP Bible Background Commentary (and use it all the time), but that would be a huge reason to spend the money to get at least Logos Starter. It's currently 20% off (which does not appear to stack with the $100 referral price), so if you're going for any tier over Standard, do NOT use my link unless it actually saves you money. Clear your cart if you add something and don't see a better price than is available on the site.

But, wait? What level should you get? One of the great things about Logos is they, like Steam, have Dynamic Pricing. You only pay for what you don't have. You don't have to give them money for something you already own. This allows you to upgrade when and as you like without worrying about missing out, except whatever discount you could get during the current sale.

Full disclosure here: I'm still on the free version of Logos. And I spend more time over on sites like Blue Letter Bible. So I'm not trying to push a purchase here at all. I merely want to give you an opportunity to save $100 if you were already thinking of spending the money. I actually find Logos' site to be rather annoying, and their pricing/features thing is cumbersome. Example: I watched a video about what's new in Logos 10, and I had to dig very, very deep to learn that the feature I was interested in required you to spend over $1,200 (with the 20% sale right now!). If I had spent $200 expecting that feature, I would have felt misled. So grab the free version if you want to try it out, and upgrade when/as you like.

Here's the link to save $100 and, possibly, get me $100 in credits* to get more resources myself: But, again, please check to ensure the link actually saves you money with the sale.


* I've seen elsewhere that their referral program requires you to have at least a certain purchase level yourself before they give you credits. So it's entirely possible I won't benefit from this at all. That's okay. If I can save you a few bucks, I'm happy.

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