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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Theism Spectrum

There are three major sections of the theism spectrum: Pantheism (many gods), Monotheism (one God), and Atheism (no god).

As we've already chatted about, Philosophical Naturalists deny any kind of supernatural and so are atheists. Agnostics, however, question anyone's ability to know if there is or is not a God, and so live somewhere between atheism and theism. The major monotheistic religions are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Mormons, with their doctrine of eternal progression, straddle the line between mono- and pantheism. Hinduism is a pantheistic religion. Above this continuum is Spiritualism, which may or may not have a god of any kind (making it atheistic); Buddhism and Animism can both be categorized here.

With so many options available to us, there is much to discuss. Let's learn more, together.


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